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We at Kibou want to make the world a better place, but very few people think about improving themselves first. Before changing the world we want to convey a positive message to our customers. The goal is to plant as many trees as possible, so as to create a real forest in which each of you will have been able to make your mark.

We want to announce the collaboration with zeroCO2 where for every 10 products purchased on the site we will work to plant a tree. Each planted tree can be geolocated on the map of our site and will also be photographed. Thanks to these characteristics, the tree involves people in the hope of creating a better future.

Do the right thing too! By planting this piece of paper, which you will find in every order, you will see in a small way what we are doing with great commitment all over the planet. So as to give, even to a simple piece of paper, a second life.

The best time to plant the card is from March to November.
Spread the paper in a vase or in a garden on the soil. Cover the paper with +/- 2 centimeters of earth. Give a little water every day, a little light and a little love. After about a week you will see the first plants germinate.

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